Can You Laugh Up-To 10 Minutes Straight?
Because it is equivalent to 30 minutes on the rowing machine!

This programme has been taking the world by storm in more than 70 countries, and the business world is coming together to find out learn how to laugh in the face of challenges and succeed together
. Whether it is in your personal, business or social life, we build relationships through the warmth of heartfelt feelings. Find out what it takes to transform your mindset and add a powerful skill to change your life today!

Makes it that much more enjoyable, when you reserve judgment whilst learning about another! ~Laughter Therapist Van Ram
Participating Organization Industry Partner, Maximum Wellness Singapore, Founder & Director Van Ram receiving the certificate by Guest of  Honour, Professor Fatimah Lateef for contributions to the Mental Health Seminar 2014
At the 938LIVE Studio
In fact he laughed all the time at seemingly nothing at all. He never needed anything to start his laughter as it is said that his happiness came from the joy of life itself and the great contentment he felt. ~The Great Teacher
On-going Monthly Lessons for the elderly at Tampines ChangKat Community Club for Social and Health Promotion

You have visited this site 99.9% because of your interest to experience the Real Therapeutic Benefits of Laughter.

Laughter is Scientifically proven to be a powerful social skill in communication and social connection, it also enables you to create an extraordinary impact on your financial, social and personal health, learn to do so and hold no expenses because you are worth it. Start with Laughter Therapeutic Programmes only available here with your Specialist Laughter Yoga Therapist Ram.

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Laughing with the thousands, Master Trainer Sri Ram is Personally Trained and Recommended by a Medical Doctor Madan. See Recommendation Sri Ram taught to more than 30 organizations and has reached out to thousands of participants both local and overseas. He also trained over 500 Medical Doctors from various countries at the Opening of the Academia with Minister of Health and Guest of Honor President of Singapore, Dr. Tony Tan.
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Over 500 Medical Doctors Laughing with Master Trainer Mr. Ram at the Official Opening of the Academia with Guest of Honor President of Singapore Dr. Tony Tan

Benefits of Laughter and Testimony
Smiling and Laughing with an incredible experience transform your heart and mind as Laughter Therapist Van Ram teaches you the gift of laughter!
On Air and Interview on Laughter Yoga Therapy with 938LIVE
Master Trainer, Laughter Guru Ram Talks about Laughter Yoga Therapy

 The Laughter Yoga Foundation At Ngee Ann Polytechnic

The Laughter Yoga Foundation Experience
Sole Provider for A Singapore Spin on Laughter Yoga by Master Trainer, Laughter Therapist Ram
Filming with Singapore Press Holdings and Razor TV
Laughter Yoga Therapy Outdoor Camp with People's Association - Sliver linings for the Elderly

We form the backbone of the exercise!

Our mission is to help you experience the miracle of life with laughter. Our Laughter Yoga experience is one of its kind, and we developed an easy and most enjoyable set of unique Laughter workouts that fits to make a better,  healthier and lovable you.

Realize your health needs and experience Laughter and its physiological and psychological benefits today,

( Right ) Receiving the Master Trainer (Teacher) Certificate, Founder & Director of Maximum Wellness, A collaborator and provider for Workplace Health Promotion Programmes by Health Promotion Board

Master Trainer Ram contributing to the teachings of Laughter Therapy in Republic Polytechnic, Singapore and trained 5 students from the Institution to conduct sessions for the beloved participants from Council of Third Age ~

Article on official broadcaster:  Channel News Asia

Highest Work Happiness Score since 2009

59.8% of Singapore employees are still less than moderately happy.  The lowest Work Happiness Score (55.5 points) was recorded just recently in 2010. Jobscentral Work Happiness Indicator Survey of 2012.

Medical Studies

More than 70 per cent of illnesses are in some way related to stress! Laughter exercises are proven to provide positive impacts to the various systems of the body.  Most noteworthy is the laughter's ability to unwind the negative effects of stress; that is the catalyst for many of our health problems. Realize your health needs and experience Laughter and its physiological and psychological benefits today, contact us right away! 

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Credits to Dr Madan Kataria on Sep 26, 2006

Doctor Says!

Laughter Yoga by Maximum Wellness Singapore is a Great Cardio Workout! As life becomes more sedentary and stressful, it is difficult to stick to any exercise routine. Just laugh to exercise daily, According to Dr. William Fry 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine! This is in respect to cardiopulmonary endurance.

We invite you to contact us and learn more about your health through happiness for your Maximum Wellness.